Friday, March 30, 2012

Remembering Cindy on her birthday

Cindy was a great friend and an interesting, unique person. Fiercely independent, incredibly talented, unbelievably brave, extremely curious, amazingly witty, all of those descriptions fit and are opinions held by many. However, she was also exceedingly thoughtful, unwaveringly generous, perceptively kind, and undauntedly loyal.
She loved The Virginia Home and considered the people in it her family. Although she often ventured away, via excursions in her chair, on trips farther afield, exploring the Internet or into the world of her imagination, she always returned to the place she felt the most comfortable and to the people she held dear.
I urge everyone to visit her drawings, either on line or in person. Her spirit is there in every line and her love is there in every deftly felt portrait.

We miss you, Cindy!