Saturday, May 06, 2006

leaving with links

Hi friends! I am off to New York and Boston on Monday so this will be the last post from me untill after the 14th. I have a few links to share that you might enjoy,
  1. "Drawger" is a group of professional illustrators, (many of my favorites!) who have gathered together to share a blog/website. In the column on the right you'll see a link "who's here" to see who's there :)
  2. Sterling Hundley, an incredible talented illustrator has a news section on his website that is like a blog and there he shares the process for creating his beautiful work (he graduated from my alma mater too)
  3. David Levine, the New York Review of Books has created a wonderful archive of this great illustrator's caricature/portraits, scroll down to find his work listed by year or category
  4. Frank Lobdell, wonderful figure drawings, I've just recently discovered this artist because of my figure drawing group.
  5. also the figure drawings of Richard Diebenkorn, and certainly wouldn't mind seeing the exhibit of "Master Drawings by Bay Area Figuratives" at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento
I have a few more but it's getting late so for later, bye!