Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Learned Today

Still trying to understand how this all works ! Below is an attempt at a link list, although what I really wanted to do was create a list of favorite sites in the sidebar. Unexpectedly though I had to work, so that will be tomorrow's project.

First day

O.K., so. Today I begin dipping into this "blogger" thing.

I find that I am spending more and more of my time on the internet. I must have a few hundred bookmarks and rss feeds ! So much new to learn and explore, but it's getting a bit hard to keep all this new information and areas of interest in order. So "blogger" will be an attempt to keep it all straight and practice some of what I've been learning. So, here goes !

As I downloaded "Firefox" today I'll use it as my first attempt at linking in a post.
Success finally, after a few not so trys. I've begun !