Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Pug Gilman

I scanned about 10 drawings today, posting them to Flickr and learning alittle bit more with each one. It's interesting to see them all together in a row, where I can see my progression. The first one's background is dirty and yellow, but each subsequent photo's background gets cleaner and less yellow. This one, of Pug Gilman, I worked on the longest, using the magic background eraser to try and eliminate discolored areas. That method was somewhat successful, although it would probably help if I stopped and read how to use it properly. Playing around though is more fun !

Also today, good news and bad. The good, one of my drawings will be in Penelope Illustration's Advent Calendar, yay ! Guess I'll find out later which day is mine ! And the bad ? Boo, hiss, grrrr, aargh, and numerous expletives on the news that the Firefly movie "Serenity" has moved their opening date to September 30th ! Don't they know it was hard enough counting down to April ?