Sunday, September 11, 2005

At the Gate

The exterior of the plane that carried Ronda and me to California

and the view from my seat of it's interior

We sat in the first row with the stewardess's Mary and Shelly (or was it Shirley?) sitting on the other side of the partition that separated us (They almost never sat down! I had to draw them quick towards the end of the flight as they did a bit of paperwork). Our side of the partition has T.V.'s inset into it, there are about 30 or so channels to choose from in addition to movies to rent. I almost made it through all of "Kingdom of Heaven", which I liked, but found hard to focus on with such a tiny screen so started drawing again just in time to sketch the hand of the person leaning on the partition as they waited for the restroom. The moments you capture and remember with drawing are certainly alot different then those you'd photograph under the same circumstances!