Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One Ring Zero

Last Friday a friend suggested going to a local bookstore (Chop Suey Books) to hear a musical group hitherto unknown to me. The group, or rather duo, is called "One Ring Zero" and above is the drawing I doodled of Michael Hearst (right) and Joshua Camp while they sang.

Also pictured are the very odd instruments they played. Michael played two, a "claviola" and a "theremin". The claviola is the white shape, which he described as looking like a squashed swan. Apparently it's very rare, only 50 were made. Their website has lots more information about it.

The retangular shape before that is all that I was able to render of a "theremin". I had heard of this instrument when I'd read good reviews of Steven M. Martin's documentary film "Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey". It was interesting to see one, especially fun to watch "how" it was played since nothing "solid" is touched to produce the sound. Michael just moved his hands in the air, very magician like, and the odd spooky sound emitted corresponded to his movements. Very cool, except I was so fascinated watching him play it that I never finished drawing it.

Joshua played just the one instrument, which I'll assume is an accordian, although I can't be sure.

And lastly, my apologies to Misters Hearst and Camp for my distorted depiction of their appearance. You know guys, I think I could do better if you'd just hold still during your performance.