Friday, December 24, 2004

There's no place like. . .

Hi everyone, it's a double special Friday, Christmas Eve and "IF" due day ! I've two versions to share of this week's word "home".
There's No Place Like. . . . . .
I showed this to a few people who had never seen "The Wizard of OZ" and so didn't understand the reference. I hope that the meaning is clear to those who are familiar with the movie (and the famous shoes in it !)

The word "home" also happens to be part of the name of the nursing home in which I live. In fact, we almost never refer to the place by it's full name, we just call it simply "The Home". My love of everyone here at "The Home" inspired this second drawing.
THE Home
Benjamin would always spend her dinner break reading the newspaper with Pearl and so I would see this scene almost every night. Pearl died many years ago and Benjamin no longer works here, but I have a photo of them together (on which this drawing is based) to remember them by.

Merry Christmas everyone !