Thursday, December 01, 2005

Waffles, my pet, I'm sorry but

Amanda says she will not be accepting entries for "Nude Self-Portrait While Nuzzling Your Pet Thursday" on this Thursday. I know sweetie, very upsetting, but you know it's her idea and her rules, and yes yes I know at first it was unspecified and now it's specified not this Thursday and it's all very confusing, there's probably paperwork involved too, and you know gosh maybe it's for the best, now don't take this wrong but your hide is kinda rough and jeeze after all how many more weekly drawing groups do I need to join, I'm already way behind in my Everyday Matters challenges and lately just using old drawings for Illustration Friday, at least I'm good with Blind Contour Fri. . . . . . oh no I haven't done my Blind Contour Friday yet, oh Waffles hon, sorry again, gotta go!!!!