Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21, part 3

The third drawing that comes up when you search for "21" at Cindy's Flickr site is this one from April 21, 2007, drawn during a trip to NYC.
She loved to draw as she was experiencing a concert or play, saying that she actually remembered it much better if she studied it and put in down on paper. She also enjoyed surprising the subjects of the drawings she liked, getting their autographs and leaving them envious.

21, part 2

Oct 21, chemo
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Second, you get this great group portrait of Cindy's sisters. Their sisterly gatherings each week meant so much to her. If there was a silver lining to the cloud she was enduring, it was the time she got to spend with them.


#21 - something old
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It's been two months. Hard to imagine.
If you search Cindy's Flickr stream for "21", you get three drawings that together do a pretty good job of exemplifying her life.
First, you get this great drawing of an old wooden hand model that she loved. The period of time that she participated in "Everyday Matters"and "Illustration Friday" was magical. Her word puzzles, as I thought of them, were amazing.