Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lewis, Bev, Lillian

Old drawing of my old gang of friends.

Full Day

Worked all day on the volunteer newsletter, getting it ready to send as an e-mail to Kinko's. Since I do it so infrequently, I'm always forgetting the steps to make the file as small as possible. So maybe I should write them down ? Okay !
  1. In Photoshop, crop and reduce image size of photos. Change to CMYK mode. Change to JPEG via "Save As", not "Save for Web".
  2. In Illustrator, embed links, flatten transparencies, outline fonts, flatten file, save as PDF.
  3. Send separate pages.

I also need to remember that the dingbats I've downloaded in font form won't print, fortunately I remembered Brian Press and the beautiful (and great quality) dingbats they offer.

I spent so much time on the newsletter that there wasn't much time left to read a couple of things of interest on the web, so I'll bookmark them here.
  1. Comics 101 on "X-Men"
  2. Lession 12 of CSS Tutorial
  3. Another Virginia Blogger

Lastly, tonight's "Lost" was a David Fury episode, about Sayid !