Saturday, June 11, 2005

Oh, Woe Is Me

This might be what I'd look like if I was upset that my "Rapunzel" drawings were not accepted into The Richmond Illustrator's Club Grimm's Fairy Tales Project.

But I'm not upset.

So it must be the wife from Rapunzel, all in a dither because she can't stop thinking about the veggies (called Rampion) she craves from the witches garden.

Here's what the full page spread looks like.

As I wrote in my first post about this, I did this just for fun but also to learn about what it's like to create a picture book. I may end up "publishing" it all on my blog, especially as very few of the 16 drawings are "finished" and that will be an incentive to complete them. So don't be surprised to see a witch and girl with long blonde hair showing up here every so often.