Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Building Letters" Call for Entries

A wonderful magazine, called "Building Letters", raises money through it's sales for charity. The first paragraph in their "about" section says
"Building Letters brings together designers from around the world to raise funds for charity projects. We do this through the publication of Building Letters magazine which is produced by designers for designers."
They also have a call for entries for a special tsunami relief edition. In part, they say
Jim Richardson of UK the based Building Letters charity projects received a call on January 4 from Rathna Ramanathan of Reading University, who contributed to the 2004 edition of Building Letters magazine. She was in Sri Lanka when the Asian earthquake struck on Boxing day, and was calling to suggest a special edition of Building Letters to get funds to help survivors, fishermen in Kovalam, Tamil Nadu, India and villages in Northern (Tamil populated) and Southern (Sinhala populated) Sri Lanka.

In order for this special Building Letters edition to help, we need your contribution to get it published by the end of the month. It means that we need all the help that we can get to put the magazine together and make it available for sale.

As a core element of this issue, Max Kisman suggested to ask type designers, designers, artists and illustrators to produce one flower each, that will be published in the magazine as a respectful tribute to the people who have lost their lives, and to the power of nature.
Here's the link again: