Thursday, January 13, 2005

Is It Balanced Yet ?

The word this week for Illustration Friday is "balance". I began thinking about Piet Mondrian, and "the Golden Section" and the chinese symbol "ying-yang", and somehow that all rolled together into this.


I have roughly fifteen different versions of this drawing, I think I became a little "unbalanced" trying to "balance" the composition. If I was braver, I'd post some of my first attempts, this little drawing has been on quite a strange journey, you'd wonder how it ended as it did from where it began. It seems simple to me now, but lordy, it sure took me alot of hours to arrive at simple. My admiration of Piet Mondrian has so doubled in the last few days.

Ying Yang Balance
O.K., decided to also add this other version. See ? Like I said, quite a journey !