Monday, November 17, 2008

end of story

whether I should post these drawings or not, I don't know. I spent last week in the hospital and these are a record of those days. I came home on Friday, my battle with cancer lost, and have entered a hospice program. I wanted to let those few visitors here know why I will soon stop posting altogether. Thanks to all who have visited me and left comments, I have enjoyed the exchanges between my all Internet friends immensely and want you all to know what joy it has given to get to know you as we have shared our lives online.

this first drawing of waiting in the emergency room of MCV

sketching a fellow patient also waiting to see a doctor

sketch of my dear friend Ronda as she chatted with my sister Betsy

a drawing from memory of some of the days events

finally admitted to the hospital very late in the evening, a drawing of my friend Sarah who stayed with me overnight

more drawings tomorrow