Thursday, April 21, 2005

Grows in the Telling

While I like the idea of this drawing as an interpretation of this week's "Illustration Friday" word "reinvent", I don't think I executed the concept very well. Mistake to make the figures look so similar ? Definitely a different pose would have been better. Talking balloons too small ? Would just the multiplying colors have been enough to convey the idea, are the flowers overkill ? Not happy with the composition, but what better way to show the story passing from person to person ? Of course spending more time on it would have helped to explore those questions, but unfortunately I didn't think of this idea 'till late today. Me oh my, so much to learn about communicating visually, and never enough time !

added 1:06 a.m.: Thanks for the reassurances guys, chill pill ingested, angst under control.