Tuesday, May 23, 2006

watercolor play

A new medium for me or so it seems as I haven't painted anything in many years, these the first experiments in the new watercolor moleskeine given to me by a master of the medium (thanks Hoss!), the top page of friends while at work, the bottom from memories of New York I wasn't able to sketch from life, my favorite of a teeny little dog we saw coming up the sidewalk on a cold blustery day, his eyes nearly scrunched shut from the force of the wind, head held high in determination as he mightily fought for each step forward, ha! Ronda and I looked at each other when we saw him and cheered, go dog go!

added 5/25: thanks all your comments and encouragement, we'll see how this goes, as I said long time since I've painted, wow, not since 1986 as I recall!