Monday, February 28, 2005

Learning to Cope

As an ice cream lover there are 5 entries in this past week's "Illustration Friday" challenge that have affected me deeply. Kevin, Holli, Lisa, James and Robot Johnny, these brave souls have couragously chosen to depict that most painful of sorrows, the (gasp!) dropping of a scoop of ice cream.

I want to salute these incredible artists for having the fortitude to hold in their mind's eye the image of ice cream, fallen from it's golden cone perch and laying (it pains me to type this next word), inedible, on the the ground.

Oh the agony you must have suffered in the time it took to create your submissions ! I can only hope that your hands worked swiftly and true in rendering such an image so that quickly you were able to banish it from your mind.

Now that your entries have been posted, you may notice in your referral stats that I am only able to stay brief seconds on your sites. Please forgive me and know that I am slowly working up the courage to visit for longer periods. Your imagery has stirred a long repressed memory of my own exepience with such a horrific occurance but I will endeavor to learn from your example and face the pain and conquer it.