Wednesday, August 17, 2005

#1 and 2 Idiosyncrasies

Paula Becker at Whatever-ings tagged me on Five Idiosyncrasies gosh do I really want you to know that
  1. I eat certain foods every day, each consumed at a specific time. Ten a.m. it's chocolate (must be from France with nothing less than 70% cocoa content), 4 o'clock I look forward to yummy cottage cheese and my most favorite of all and the one it's hardest to wait for is "All Bran" cereal straight out of the box, no milk, 8 p.m. That particular cereal is for no other reason than I like it, tastes like candy to me. Seriously.

  2. I dress the same everyday. Black sleeveless dress with a long sleeve shirt worn over top. The shirts are exactly the same style and brand, in different colors. I dress like this because I'm petite. Very petite. Could easily shop in the children's department petite. But as I'm not 14, finding clothes is difficult. So, I found something that fits, bought it in bulk, clothes problem solved. And heck I figure I'm in good company with this particular idiosyncrasy as Steve Jobs annd Dean Kamen wear the same things every day too. . . .
oh poo and bother, suddenly I'm pooped. Paula, can this be done in parts?

oh, and the drawing is the reason I'm pooped, I've been fiddling with it endlessly, it's a final version of last week's "illustration friday" sketch, except with numbers added for this post, although guess I should have added just 1 and 2. Okay, off to catch a little shut-eye, 3, 4 and 5 tomorrow!