Tuesday, September 13, 2005

First Hotel

Came across these two sites today, if you're interested in illustration for children or illustrated journals, expect to spend a lot of time at each, they are wonderful!
  1. 2005 Bologna Illustrators Exhibit this site presents an "Overview of Children and Young Adults' Illustration in Spain" (which was the "guest country of honor" this year). This site is also beautifully designed.
  2. diariografico In Portuguese, with no English translation. The second link in the menu bar at the top (viagem) will take you to the illustrated journals of Eduardo Salavisa (the site's creator), and the fourth link (outros autores) has a list of artists (such a R. Crumb, Eugene Delacroix, Henri Matisse) and shows a few examples from their (published?) journals. The next to last link (bibliografia) lists the titles of the published journals. A fantastic site Mr. Salavisa! (Also, I found this site via elsrgarcia because of his very kind link to me.)
Oh, and the sketch above is another in my trip to San Francisco series, a small view of my hotel room.