Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Lavada Smith

Dear Lavada, I remember that she scooted around by pushing her wheelchair with her feet. You could barely hear it, but she hummed to herself while she did this, a really deep rumbling hum that sounded like she had a happy little motor chugging away inside her. It would tickle me so to catch snatches of her motoring tune as she passed me by ! Even though I've drawn her here while sitting and playing Bingo, I think of that sound when I look at this and it makes me smile.

By way of explanation, the above post is prompted by the Illustration Friday word for this week, "friendship". Instead of working on my "IF" submission, I've been looking again at old drawings I have of friends now gone, and happily remembering them and the good times we had together. I haven't posted any of these drawings in a while (not since I began my blog in November !), so I thought that this week in particular I might start again and share some memories of my dear old friends.

Nice Surprise

I've borrowed this very splendid drawing from my friend Reginald (he puts my stuff to shame !) to use as a thank you to these ladies (Anne, Taz, Daizy, Denise) for making me their "blog of the day" at "blogliners". Very cool, thank you ! The best thing about this is learning about blogliners itself, which I hadn't seen before, it looks like a fun place !